Melisa is pronounced mah-lee-sah. I started on my photographic journey at the tender age of 10.  My first camera was a 110 film camera given to me by my grandparents right before taking a trip to Belgium with them. I still have all of the photos from that trip.  From that point on, I fell in love with photography.  I’ve had many film/digital point and shoot cameras as well as taking pictures with my phones over the years.  I started with my first DSLR in 2017 and am loving it. For the last year, I’ve been absorbing as much photographic information as I can.  It has been through in-person classes taken at the local City Arts and various online courses and seminars.  I plan to continue my education to keep growing in my chosen profession.  I am also a member of the International Travel Writers and Photographers Association (ITWPA). I’m currently working on a personal special project entitled “Wichita at Night”.  This will eventually become a photo book to be self-published.


How I take and edit my photos and other things that interest me.
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